Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education for Internationally Trained Physicians (Ontario Bridge Training Program)


The Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education Bridging Program is designed to enhance the employment and educational position of international Medical Graduates to equip them for employment within the healthcare ecosystem in non-practitioner roles in Ontario. This 24-week blended program includes four courses, a work experience placement, mentorship, and job search/coaching support that will provide the necessary skills identified by prospective employers to successfully find gainful employment, while best using IMGs medical knowledge to enhance their contribution to health promotion and education field in Ontario.

Course Descriptions

Public Health and Health Care System in Ontario – This course will provide an overview of the significant public health issues in Canada and Ontario, also discuss social determinants of health, relevant research, health policy, an overview of Ontario’s Health Care System, and the work and role of Community Health Centres in Ontario, as well as health care advocacy organizations.

Health Promotion and Education Foundations – This course will introduce the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, models, theories, frameworks and community, societal level change theories, and an introduction to strategy development. The course will also provide fundamental principles and practices in community development, including needs assessments, community consultations, program planning, evaluation, social marketing principles, training/education techniques, and identifying and developing community-level health projects.

Business Communication and Cultural Competence – This course will provide essential business communications skills, which includes expectations surrounding workplace communications, workplace diversity, cross-cultural communications, teamwork, as well as crucial conflict resolution skills, also an introduction to various tools that are used in the workplace, survey platforms Social Media and Marketing platforms.

Careers – approaches to searching for a job; research organizations and hiring managers, online searching tools, resumes and cover letters, practise interviewing; and finding and developing a network. Develop a longer-term career plan and strategy. The course will feature numerous opportunities to meet with leaders and potential employers in healthcare promotion and education to gain valuable insights into work environments and expectations for an organization. Students will also meet with other advisors for feedback on their self-presentation skills. Students will develop a longer-term strategy.


  • Medical Degree from an institution outside of Canada (WES or another academic equivalency required)
  • In Canada, seven years or less
  • Immigrant: Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or Refugee Claimant, Canadian Citizen
  • CLB score of 8/9
  • Live in Ontario

 Participant fee:

  • The fee for this program is $300. This fee offsets the training or academic portion of the program.
  • The Government of Ontario kindly funds all other costs related to the program and employment services. The fee represents a small proportion (approximately 10 percent) of the overall cost of the program.

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For more information contact:

To learn more about the Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education for IMGs Program, please contact  or phone 416-769-0830.

Applicants that meet the requirements will be contacted for an interview.

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Toronto Metropolitan University Courses Available


Workplace Communication flyerThe Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC)

Want to upgrade your career skills and improve your interpersonal communication in the Canadian workplace?

The WCC Program, offered through The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Toronto Metropolitan University is for you!

The WCC program is a series of 4 blended courses designed to help new Ontarians with a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of level 6 on all four CLB skills develop their interpersonal communication skills within the Canadian workplace.

Courses Offered:

CDCE 700 Effective Speaking and Listening
CDCE 720 Client-Centered Communication
CDCE 730 Presenting with Impact
CDCE 740 Teamwork Communication

Courses are offered in a combined virtual and online mode of delivery with the mandatory virtual sessions taking place on 15 Saturdays. Focus on understanding cultural differences related to communication in the Canada work environment. 

Graduates from the WCC program will receive a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

The program is offered free of cost to eligible students through The Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) Bursary.

The Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) provides bursaries of up to $3000.00 to cover direct education costs for eligible students enrolled in the WCC program.

For more information, please contact Sadia by email or phone at: or (416) 417-5832

Middle-level management flyerMiddle-Level Management with Technical Background Bridging Program

Are  you an internationally educated professional with project management experience and technical backgrounds such as engineering, science, environmental science, information technology, or other closely related discipline? This unique learning opportunity is for you!

Successful participants will receive the Certificate for Technical Professionals.

Eligible participants will get the MLM program tuition fee fully covered through the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP), an amount of up to $5000. 

For more information, please contact Sadia by email or phone at: or (416) 417-5832

Toronto Metropolitan University Chang School of Continuing Education

The International Doctors’ Network IDN

“Colleagues helping Colleagues.”

The International Doctors Network is an initiative that arose from The Learning Enrichment Foundation’s self-study group of international medical graduates.

In 2008, seven doctors began meeting at LEF to improve their English-language skills and study for Canadian medical exams.

The network was created in response to the need to formalize the work of this study group and to provide more specialized support to its members. Since 2010 IDN is part of the Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs), an initiative from Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

Facilitate the successful integration of Internationally Trained Doctors into the Canadian society.

The International Doctors Network provides help in establishing a social and professional network through initiatives, including leadership projects, conversion circles, and mentorship by supporting newcomers to form social networks and connecting to the various dimensions of Canadian society.

Humble in Spirit.

International Doctors Network

WES Gateway Referral Program 

World Education Services (WES) Gateway Program assesses the educational credentials of refugees and other displaced persons who have limited proof of academic achievements.

The WES Gateway Program is currently available to individuals who:

  • Possess at least one piece of credible evidence issued by their academic institution
  • Were educated in one of the following countries: Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela
  • Are referred to WES by a designated Canadian partner organization, such as The Learning Enrichment Foundation

A WES Gateway Program credential evaluation report can help eligible clients continue their education, become licensed in their field, or take the next step on their career pathway in Canada. The report can be accepted by higher education institutions, regulatory bodies, and employers.

If you are looking to utilize this service at LEF, please complete this form.

We are very excited to partner with WES in this innovative initiative and create more opportunities for our clients to be successful!

The Learning Enrichment Foundation is committed to complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation please contact 416-769-0830 or