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Hi, my name is Ramiro Rodriguez Puig a newcomer to Canada that arrived here in January, 2020. One month later, I was introduced to Learning Enrichment Foundation, one of the organizations that provides settlement services for newcomers in this country. I experienced the support assistance and help. As soon as I started to be part of the programs that they offer for a successful transitioning to a new society. I was participating in different webinars and workshops, and I was assigned a mentor to work together, to identify and follow a path in order to land a job in Canada.

I would like to highlight some of the accomplishments that throughout this organization I could achieve and have been very helpful on a professional and personal level. For example, the English language assessment, the workplace communication in Canada program at Ryerson University, workshops and webinars to learn about my job search, interview preparation and development of my resume.

As we all know, the appearance of COVID-19 outbreak in March brought about a massive lockdown in the society. We had to switch from in-person to online services. It was a shock for me, of course, as it was for a lot of people. But imagine how shocking for newcomers it could be. Anyway, this organization and its staff started to work online in offering the same assistance that I was receiving in person. It took me a while to adjust, but we kept working together until I could land my first job here in Canada.

During this time we have stayed in touch and constantly giving feedbacks. My mentor and the organization still offer any kind of support that I could need. I would also like to highlight that beyond the programs that they offer, one of the most important things that this interaction brought to my life was the confidence that I could earn.

The warmth and solidarity since the beginning that I felt made me feel part of the organization and the society. I could see the diversity and felt inclusivity among other newcomers that as me, started this journey in Canada. I witnessed the effort, the hard work, the love and the serving with heart that the staff at LEF combined all together to support newcomers.

I feel so grateful for having been part of this institution, and I surely would recommend with enthusiasm and motivation this organization to any newcomer who arrives in Canada. Once again to LEF and its staff, thank you. Thank you so much.

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“My participation in different settlement programs provided me with the tools for a successful transition in Canada. I have been developing my professional skills, gaining Canadian experience and so much confidence.  I am greatly thankful, and I strongly would recommend this organization to others to start a transition as a newcomer here in Canada” –Ramiro 

“My name is Gokhan Umdu, and I would like to commend Said Aman on the excellent job on the online zoom training. The presentation was excellent and easy to understand. I was pleased with the online zoom meeting and would refer anyone seeking information on citizenship preparation.”

One day, I received an invitation to participate in a health care professionals meeting at LEF. At the beginning I thought “one meeting more… without result, nonetheless I have nothing to lost”. For my surprise, I found a little space for me, in that place where I started to work as a volunteer (As Part of International Doctor Network and Peer Leader). These volunteering opportunities have changed my feelings and helped me to be more active in different ways.”

“LEF was a very fruitful transition stage in my life. I was stuck in a survival job and I felt so depressed. I felt that that my education was worth nothing in Canada.

LEF was so supportive in so many ways, it was enough for me that they are a kid friendly place, so I did not have to worry about where to leave my son while attending courses there which they paid for.

I can’t thank them enough” - Noha Zidane

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